Second Life: More Building

The Second Life interface for building objects within the virtual space is as complex at Photoshop and has a steep learning curve. We were instructed to build a chair and a table. I was building my chair with 2 squares for seat and back, 4 prims for the legs and 4 prims for crossbars between the legs. I was building this chair on my own property and was unable to add the 3rd crossbar. Apparently my property has a limit on how many prims can be within my property space and I had reached my limit. I found this to be very frustrating since in the real world nobody can tell me how many things I can put into my house.   I tried to continue building by removing objects from my home but, realized that the table still hadn’t been built. I put my furniture back in place and picked up my chair in progress. I finished building in an apartment on EDTECH island and in the sandbox there.

The table has an image in the glass which has been made opaque and there is a shadow under the table. I also made the photos of my dog which are mounted on the wall.

Second Life Dining Set

Second Life Dining Set

This quest relates to several standards. By knowing what the limitations are withing a virtual space, I can better design tools and objects that will work within that space. Presentation of a message can be adapted better to different structures within the world or mode of presentation knowing what builds are possible and which are not feasible. This also relates to how media is used within this space. I learned something about myself. I was extremely upset when I learned about the limits on prim counts in my house. I was reminded that simplicity is better when building things (or systems).


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